MORO©©O, 2015

Variable dimension 


MORO©©O is a project questioning the copyright or the right to copy in today’s globalised economy as it seems to be practised in contemporary Morocco. In this project the artist reflects on the legal concept of copyright as it is enacted by most governments granting the owner or creator of an original work exclusive rights to its use and distribution by questioning the lack of right to copy. Baba-Ali visibly assembles symbols capitalist economy in a country (and a whole continent) struggling with under-development. Being at the same time excluded from affluence and included in the global market, Moroccan people typically experience a condition of psychological instability and structural precariousness which is aptly embodied by the fragile and rudimentary products of its essentially manual and artisanal economy. He transforms logos quite common within the country’s economic and social landscape - tottering on their unstable base, crippled and patched, suggesting a feeling of uneasiness, although of a reflexive, rather than polemic, kind.